For the planning and construction of ropeways and ski slopes security, functionality and attractiveness are most important. For this requirements Mountain Planning provides comprehensive analyses of infrastructure, chances and risks, and guarantees the quality.

The analysis of user traffic concentrates on the prognosis of traffic on ski slopes and ski lifts. In doing so the current, as well as the future status of the ski resort are considered. The aim is to detect failures that exist at present and to find solutions for a strategic development within the ski resort.


  • Problem identification
    A ski resort is a complex system of user traffic flows. Modifications of ski slopes and lift configurations can have far-reaching impacts in other areas.??
  • Traffic flow modelling
    A model of user traffic flow is created, using the capacity of lifts and number of waiting users beyond capacity, and incorporating the geometry of the slope- and lift network.??
  • Results?
    Both the maximum and current user load on the slopes is calculated, then depicted either as a map or report depending on information needs.


Studies and Project for ropeways


  • Optimization of pipeline routes
  • Connections to the top and bottom stations of ropeways
  • Design of slopes and paths
  • Slope planning for FIS homologation